Archetype relationship - Dating

Are you looking for a rewarding relationship? True and lasting companionship? Have you recently come out of relationship breakdown, horrible divorce or bereavement? Does the thought of dating terrify you? We are here to change that!

Archetype Dating is an exciting breakthrough that Vanessa and I conceived of during the pandemic. In most cases, people are desperate for a connection, yet dating sites and even expensive dating “specialists” lack the sophistication to be able to cope with people looking for true soul union.

So many people we meet are coming out of relationship breakdowns, horrible divorces or bereavement. The emotional trauma of this type of event leaves our clients heartbroken, traumatised and deeply hurt and yet in the midst of this internal angst, friends and family are encouraging our clients to get out there and get dating. If you are not showing up as the best version of yourself how are you ever going to attract the right person into your life?

Archetype Dating is a completely new way of looking at finding love. We focus on putting our clients in the right place to understand who they are at a soul level and therefore who their true divine life partner is. A dating App is not going to be able to find you the love of your life because it’s a standardised algorithm and they’re not looking at the deeply buried patterns that cause you to make the same mistakes endlessly.

The Akashic Records enable Vanessa and I to see your soul design and your archetypal patterning. This determines your personality traits or archetypes that are showing up prevalent in your life. We incorporate Body Response into Archetype Dating to clear and open your love energy fields and to equip you with the tools you need to eliminate the shadows blocking your progress to a fulfilling relationship.

Over the eight weeks, we teach you how to identify your own unique values and choices around your relationships and how to create space in your life for someone new.

We support you in giving you the tools to form new values and we install new boundaries underpinned by self-love and divine self-expression. We don’t believe in compromise! We believe that compromise distorts our life’s true path and ultimately leads to unhappiness. We will teach you to conduct relationships, which adhere to your values, and to date with confidence and without fear of rejection.

By the time you graduate to Dating Mastery at the end of the course, dating has become a fun adventure where nerves and negative thoughts have no place. Our clients particularly love the session on how to manifest that special person. Yes, we can tell you how to do it! And by bringing you into alignment with your divine soul blueprint – knowing which person your soul would choose, we make sure that when the right person does show up in your life, you recognise them rather than scaring them off with your life’s collection of baggage!

Due to the current Covid restrictions this session will take place on Zoom.

8-week programme one hour per week £5000 with Sophia and Vanessa