Body Response

A remarkable and unique energy healing treatment developed by Sophia over 25 years.  It can be likened to a spiritual MRI scanner. Health issues including emotional, spiritual and physical as well as disruptions in the energetic field are pinpointed. Using a quantum, multi-dimensional approach all blocks, restrictions and disruptions are cleared, allowing the client to heal quickly and effortlessly. 

Body Response for Chronic Health Issues

Body Response Energy Healing Treatment

After an opening ceremony where I clear the space from any negative energy or blocks which might prevent a positive session, I will talk briefly with you about how your issue is manifesting itself. Then I like to dive straight in to diagnose the root of the problem. I am helped in this by using a pendulum, which you can watch spinning and unspinning as I we clear negative, multi-dimensional energies.

During our session, on Zoom, I will clear and transmute your blocks and restrictions.

Illness and other physical challenges stem from emotional, mental, physical and spiritual blocks stemming from past, present, and even ancestral trauma, negative thought forms and imprints. Thanks to our genius at explaining the information in the Akashic Records, we are able to identify how many lifetimes an issue has been with you. Our client's physical ailments often stem from an emotional breakdown caused by trauma, blocked energy fields, negative thought forms or entities.

I finish with a closing ceremony to ensure that you leave me cleansed and ready to move forward. Further sessions may be necessary depending on the range of issues that come up. We find that people are like onions: once one skin is peeled back, more are revealed and more work is required.

Whilst I have a raft of testimonials about the power of Body Response healing, Vanessa is the best person to endorse this process. Struck down and crippled with inflammatory arthritis, she became a client of mine. At the beginning of the first session, she was barely able to stand or sit up, but her range of movement increased dramatically after only one session. After five sessions she was back to being a healthy, mobile, pain-free human being.

This is how Vanessa tells the story:

My debilitating illness was having such a negative effect on my life, I thought the nightmare would never end. So to be cured so quickly without a cocktail of traditional medications was almost unbelievable. My miraculous cure was the reason I became a student of Sophia’s and why I ultimately joined her company. My advice is not to concern yourself with how it works - just know that it does!

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