Body Response

A remarkable and unique energy healing treatment developed by Sophia over 25 years.  It can be likened to a spiritual MRI scanner. Health issues including emotional, spiritual and physical as well as disruptions in the energetic field are pinpointed. Using a quantum, multi-dimensional approach all blocks, restrictions and disruptions are cleared, allowing the client to heal quickly and effortlessly. 

Body Response for Anger Management and Resentment

Body Response for Anger Management

Are you angry all the time? In traffic? At work? With your friends and family? Do you fly off the handle at the slightest thing? You may think you can control your anger, but it’s always there under the surface waiting to burst out. It feels as if the world is set up to get you and to stop you getting what you want. Are you wasting your life resenting everyone else?

The cause of your anger and frustration may be a trauma hidden so deep you can’t remember it. It may even be carried over from a past life. Wherever it comes from, anger will eat away at your soul over the long term and eventually manifest itself as physical sickness. Let us help you to move towards a calm life and healthy life, full of opportunity, abundance and inner peace.

Due to the current Covid restrictions this session will take place on Zoom.

One hour session with Vanessa : £250 + VAT

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