Body Response

A remarkable and unique energy healing treatment developed by Sophia over 25 years.  It can be likened to a spiritual MRI scanner. Health issues including emotional, spiritual and physical as well as disruptions in the energetic field are pinpointed. Using a quantum, multi-dimensional approach all blocks, restrictions and disruptions are cleared, allowing the client to heal quickly and effortlessly. 

Body Response for Bereavement

Body Response For Bereavement

Everyone is devastated by bereavement, particularly if it’s a partner or child.

Dealing with the pain of loss can manifest itself in so many ways: feelings of being adrift and unable to connect to anybody, an inability to leave the house, feelings of anger and despair, uncontrollable outbursts of crying. Sometimes we may feel we don’t want to live any more.

Vanessa offers a safe space to talk about how a bereavement is affecting your life. The “spiritual MRI scanner” that Body Response is, will help detect areas where you most need help. You may not even be conscious of some of the negative energies attacking you, but once we have deactivated them, you will feel a new sense of hope entering your mind and body.

The grieving process is necessary and must be respected but often it can overshadow the life that still exists. Let us help you to find your way back to the light.

Due to the current Covid restrictions this session will take place on Zoom.

One hour session with Vanessa : £250 + VAT

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