Soul Blueprint and Realignment

Mapping out your unique manifesting design will help you to get what you really want out of life. Following an Akashic Records reading, we understand and can see who you are at as an energy. This manifesting design mapping allows us to identify the areas in your life which are in alignment with your divine design and the areas of your life which are not. Our map will indicate by percentage the areas of your life which are in alignment and those areas affected by discordant energy, where you are out of alignment.

Soul Realignment

Soul Realignment Healing - Reading Sessions

This session is like a full system reboot and is only recommended once annually. You should treat yourself as though you have just gone through major surgery as well as to expect physical, emotional or mental purges for up to 3-4 weeks after your session. Clients have said that four months after their session they are unrecognizable to themselves!

This quantum reboot deals with the energy that flows through your body. This is the same energy that sustains all living things, as explained in Quantum Physics. You might have heard this energy referred to by its Chinese name of “chi,” or its Sanskrit name, “prana.”

This session is for anyone who has a serious foundation of doing THE WORK. Shattering ego deaths, long dark nights of questioning - Soul Realignment is for advanced souls who would like support to activate their physical body and quantum field. Sophia uses a combination of quantum fieldwork & activations and other clearing work to make head-to-toe physical body, subtle bodies and field adjustments. She will unplug your consciousness from distortions and old stories. She will do a thorough scan of your Subtle bodies, Physical body, Akashic records and Morphogenetic field to make adjustments. She will perform removals, integrate soul fragments, clear core wounds from past lives, clear impressions, thought forms that could be preventing success, remove entities, imprints and false ascension guides, and activate and upgrade systems.

This is very deep, intense work and requires that you come to the space in full vulnerability.

Submitting to the divine allows the magic to begin.

Knowledge is power and without this insight you are preventing yourself from entering the bountiful life you deserve and are meant to enjoy.

Due to the current Covid restrictions this session will take place on Zoom.

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