Choosing to work with us is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make. Investing in yourself on a spiritual level is the only way to enjoy true happiness, fulfillment, and abundance.

During your journey, we will be your guardians, who will listen to you closely, and prescribe the best possible plan. During our sessions we aim to provide an intimate and safe environment for you to speak your truth without judgment. In order to progress, we must accept that we cannot lie to our Soul.

You have the right to a bountiful life and our offerings are available to help you to reach that reality.

Body Response

A remarkable and unique energy healing treatment developed by Sophia over 25 years. It can be likened to a spiritual MRI scanner. Health issues including emotional, spiritual and physical as well as disruptions in the energetic field are pinpointed. Using a quantum, multi-dimensional approach all blocks, restrictions and disruptions are cleared, allowing the client to heal quickly and effortlessly.

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Akashic Records

The Akashic Records allow us to access your unique soul design. Understanding your specific soul traits allows you to understand who you are on a divine soul level. Get ready to step into the real you! Every thought, word or intention generates its own unique frequency or vibration and these waves of energy are stored in a place called the Akashic Records. The Akashic records (from the Sanskrit word for “sky”) are a compendium of your soul’s existence and are sometimes referred to as a “spiritual google.”

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Energy Mastery

Energy Mastery is an invitation to nothing less than a new operating system. This is the future of cosmic consciousness. We only accept two to three students every year and only select former clients who we believe have reconciled their life issues and are ready for the upgrade. This ascension to cosmic consciousness unlocks unique abilities and will allow you to unleash your inner magician.

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