Lisa A

TV Stylist (UK)
Due to two failed marriages I hadn’t had a relationship for five years. I’d given up basically and was terrified of making the same mistakes again. I felt worn out, fed up and I’d lost all my confidence. This course identifies all your issues and past life negative influences. In four weeks I had a different view on life, my values and my self-worth were at a new level. By the time I had finished the course I was a different person. Unbelievably I began to look forward to dates. Finally, after a couple of months, because I was showing my best self, the right man showed up! Thank you, ladies you turned my life around.

Sonja P Attorney

I was a mess at work but I had no idea why. What I love about Sophia is that she has an intuitive way of sensing what your issue is so you don’t have to work too hard! Through the Body Response process, she made me see what a daunting task it is showing up in a masculine business environment. I went from feeling indecisive and pulled around by my staff’s needs, to feeling clear, direct, and confident in my leadership as a business owner.

Rita F

Novelist (UK)
For six years, something was badly wrong with my hair. I normally have shiny, bouncy hair but it was falling out by the handful every day. Sophia used Body Response on me which was like a mine-sweep through my body and psyche for trapped emotions Within only a week of Sophia identifying and removing my trapped emotions, my hair returned to its former lush, full-bodied glossy glory.

Anja Bay

Birth Preparations Specialist (Denmark)
Sophia, what you do is beyond words. Through Body Response, you gave me the gift of unlocking my own power. And when I needed extra help, you used your razor-sharp spiritual abilities to look underneath the surface - no matter if it was business or private stuff.

Beverley B

Property Developer (UK)

When Vanessa and Sophia invited me to take part in trialing they’re new Archetype Dating Course, I was a little nervous. Five years previously, I had lost my husband of thirty years and since then had avoided dating. I was in a relationship with a married man which was convenient but was going nowhere. The course has really made me examine my romantic expectations and values from a new perspective. Within four weeks I felt happy and confident again, by week five I had a new image and I felt sexy for the first time in years. I ended my bad relationship on week six and by week seven I was receiving compliments and invitations from men on a regular basis (I really had become magnetic!). By the time I finished the course I felt like a rock star, enjoying dating never waiting to be chosen, not willing to compromise and happy to say no thank you and more importantly ready and excited for the next date! Vanessa and Sophia really make you feel safe to talk about anything even things that you have never said out loud before. They really complement each other; Sophia will often diagnose an issue but it is Vanessa that really pulls out the detail. Both have a fantastic sense of humour and you really feel that there is nothing that you can say which will shock them.

This course amazing and if you’ve found yourself single after a long term relationship, terrified to go out dating then book this course now!

S. Swann

Writer (USA)
Body Response really did feel like a raw and honest, multi-dimensional, multi-epoch MRI scan. Sophia detected physical areas from dehydration and parasites to emotional blocks I needed to work on if I wanted to step up and get the relationship I deserved. Vanessa complemented Sophia by suggesting possible ways to act on these findings and explaining how they might fit into a new life. A message from a Native American medicine man who is apparently one of my guides wasn’t unwelcome either!

Leah Tibbs

CEO of Cookies and Conversations (USA)
I cannot thank Sophia enough for the gifts she's helped me uncover throughout the years. If you're really ready to come to terms with all parts of yourself, and learn ways to embrace your complexities and uniqueness, then this phenomenal woman is for you.

Mary O’Meara

Engineer (Ireland)
It’s one thing to be able to delve into other realms and see what’s coming, but if you don’t understand how energy works, and how it affects us, you’re just a spectator. When I finally let her read my Akashic Records I was blown away because Sophia showed me how much power I had to help myself and make choices wisely. It was a game changer!

A. Mahmoud Barak Doctor-turned

Artist (USA)
I was depressed because I had trained as a doctor but I really wanted to be an artist. Sophia didn’t know about my desire to be an artist, so when she told me I had a hidden talent to make the world more beautiful through art, I nearly fell out of my seat! She gave me real actionable steps to move forward in my life. I gave up my medical practice and gave myself permission to be an artist. It was a move I have never regretted.

Lydia B

Property Developer, London UK
Whilst dealing with the onset of my mother’s cancer and trying to run my ever expanding property business and balance my home life, depression crept in. I was desperate for a solution and a friend recommended Vanessa. Having a Body Response Session on Zoom with Vanessa was amazing, I really liked the fact that I didn’t have to travel anywhere important in theses Covid times. Vanessa is very down to earth and makes you feel comfortable really quickly, I felt I could say anything to her and she wouldn’t be shocked. Vanessa unearthed some deep rooted issues in my past and what age I was when they occurred, which I had never spoken about before, I couldn’t believe the accuracy. Vanessa explained that this trauma or shock to my energy field had caused major blocks and restrictions that were affecting my ability to cope with my mother and other areas of my life. What’s great about a Body Response session is that you don’t have to relive the trauma, using a pendulum and maps Vanessa just establishes what it is in energetic terms and when it happened and then she just clears it. I can’t tell you how relived I felt as the depression lifted. I woke up the next day feeling calmer, less apprehensive and hopeful, I found myself smiling for the first time in a long time and I had more energy. It takes a week or so to realize all the benefits as they are subtle and creep in, you are just calmer, happier and it’s hard to explain you just feel lighter.

Cleo Imani-Malcolm

Ex Model and Social Media Influencer, London UK
I met Vanessa on Clubhouse, she was speaking about energy mastery and what she said really resonated with me so I booked an, appointment. I had one session with her which was a different but pleasant experience. Vanessa pinpointed some issues and events in my past that had impacted my energy field and she cleared them. It does sound a little unrealistic but since my session with Vanessa I feel more confident, rejuvenated and happier.

Marco O’Reilly

Consultant, Dublin, Ireland
I was somewhat taken aback by how accurate Vanessa was in establishing what and when past events had had a negative impact on me and how they were attached to my addictions. Then she just cleared them it sounds a little crazy but all I can only tell you that I feel happier than I have for a long time, I’ve thrown the anti-depressants away, I’m drinking less I’m working again and I feel hopeful. I’m definitely going to be seeing Vanessa again this stuff works.

Jessica Tustain

Aesthetic Practioner, Bury St Edmunds UK
I’ve always been open minded when it comes to spiritualism and I have dipped in and out throughout my life. Met Vanessa quite by chance and we got talking about her company Elegant Alchemy. Having heard Vanessa own personal story, I was intrigued and decided to book a session. After just one session I learnt so much about myself, after three sessions I can truly say it was transformative and the best bit is that your mind and body does the work for you. I had a further session with Sophia as I want to increase my learning, I can honestly say that this has been the best decision I have ever made and finally I know that I am on the right path. Vanessa and Sophia practice a no nonsense approach to healing and get straight to work. Thank you, Elegant Alchemy life excites me and I can’t wait to push myself further.

Mark T

International Broker, London, UK
The stress of my job was affecting all areas of my life particularly my relationships. I was unable to relax in any situation and had trouble sleeping as a result I became depressed and had started regularly drinking too much. Having embarked on a cocktail of antidepressants and sleeping tablets I became desperate when they didn’t solve the problem. I found myself living in a constant haze of detachment. A friend of my wife’s recommended a Body Response session with Vanessa frankly, at his stage I was willing to try anything no matter how outlandish. Vanessa was very easy to get on with and provides a business style approach to healing, straight talking and is incredibly accurate in identifying what the root causes are. It’s out there but it works. I’m less angst about work issues, I’m feeling happier, I’m off the drugs and I’m looking after myself.

Francis M

Managing Director, Atlanta, USA
I felt desperate and living in a nightmare of depression. I’d started drinking heavily and had become to withdrawn from friends and family I just couldn’t cope anymore. I cried during the first session as Vanessa quickly identified the childhood trauma I had experienced the relief of each of the clearings they made me feel lighter and I started to feel things lifting. I had three sessions with Vanessa in total and I am a new woman, I’m no longer fearful, I’m more confident and I laugh a lot.
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