About Karen Taylor

Karen is a Midwife, massage therapist and an expert in essential oils. Karen’s interest in essential oils began early in her midwifery career, when she first saw the benefits it offered for both new mums and babies.


Karen has worked as a Midwife for 37 years for both the NHS and in the private sector. From 1994 until 2009, Karen worked at the private birth center at St John’s and St Elizabeth’s Hospital, which had a specialty of complementary therapy. It was during this time that Karen first learnt to use essential oils and was inspired to continue using them both professionally and personally.

As well as new mums, Karen is passionate about the benefits of essential oils and massage for peri-menopausal and menopausal women. Following a consultation, Karen will create a bespoke blend of oils focusing on the individual person and helping to relieve their symptoms.

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