About Sophia Noelle

I’m Sophia Noelle, a “reluctant” healer and founder of Elegant Alchemy. “Why a “reluctant” healer?”, you ask.

I have always walked between two worlds - one full of synchronicities, a profound inner knowing, and a lot of magic, and the other full of science and how things worked “under the hood”.

About Sophia Noelle

The first world took me on a journey around the world studying (and mastering) everything from Chinese Medicine, herbalism, and many forms of energy healing, from Reiki to four different traditions of shamanism, to Theta Healing, and everything in between on five different continents.

The second took me deeply into the world of science (after an excursion into politics) earning advanced degrees in Clinical Nutrition and Biochemistry. I lived in the second world building a thriving functional wellness business and getting really positive results with nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle changes for clients experiencing adrenal fatigue, hormonal issues, thyroid disorders, autoimmune disease, EBV and so much more. I loved tracing the symptoms back to the root but too often that root would lead me to the question, “What was happening in your life when the symptoms appeared?”

As I listened to their stories, the first world collided with the second.

I noticed that though there were physical symptoms, the roots beneath the (physical) root were always emotional, mental and even spiritual.

That realization brought me back to using plant medicine and using alternative energetic methods of both diagnostics and treatment of some of my most challenging clients.

The moment we actually addressed the emotional, mental and spiritual blocks that resided in not only the body but in the energy fields the symptoms vanished and the clients’ health returned to an often better state than they had ever experienced.

My 'a-ha' moment 7 years ago led me to shutter a 15-year-old wellness practice and birth Elegant Alchemy, a business meant to support those looking to align freely and powerfully with their highest calling in their physical and metaphysical wellness.

Vanessa came to me with a chronic illness and, in 5 sessions over two months was able to go from being propped up on pillows barely able to walk, dance and ride a horse again.

She went on to be one of the elite few students of Energy Mastery where she became evangelical about sharing Elegant Alchemy with the world. With her extensive business background and her own razor sharp intuitive abilities, the stars aligned and a sublime partnership was born.

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