About Vanessa Elston

Since my childhood, I’d known that we had several healers in the family. Ten years previously an aunt told me not to ignore my gift or it would shout to be heard. But “that hippie stuff” wasn’t something you talked about in the business world, so I ignored it and for thirty years I enjoyed a successful career in sales and marketing, working globally in fashion, interior design and cosmetics.

About Vanessa Elston

I met Sophia through a strange set of connections when I was struck down with arthritis and desperate for a cure. My whole life had been about achieving goals and enjoying business success, suddenly I was unable to walk or even hold a cup. Yet after one session with Sophia I was able to brush my hair and sit comfortably. After five sessions I was able to walk again and get back to a normal life.

During the time we worked together, Sophia and I realised we had a natural bond, as if we’d been friends for years. Sophia invited me to learn Energy Mastery - the ability to go beyond the light grid. Having consumed this new consciousness at great speed I realised I was ready to step into my destiny.

Repressing anything is a perfect recipe for ill health and I see now that the arthritis was my body’s way of telling me, very loudly, that I needed to step into my true power.

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